Monday, 23 March 2015

(Better than) 50 shades of Fontein street

We all have at least one such a place. Call it a destination. Call it home. Or just call it the place that holds your heart.

After visiting the Valley for many years, and frequently expressing a wish to purchase a piece of land in this wonderful little village - a very dear friend of mine's wish recently came through. In the shape of a delightful cottage which featured quite a few unsightly and mind-boggling features. But it had that something. That particular character that said: "Welcome to your new home"

Roses all over, a guinea-fowl feather at the front door, another one at the kitchen door - all added up. Within 24 hours it was signed, sealed and the journey towards creating a new space started.

And I'm honoured to have witnessed the transformation. I've captured the process with a regular lens, but the nuances introduced by Jan I can only really capture my way with my Lensbaby.

Also known as 'farm windows', typical Swartland style windows
Bursts of colour all around
One of my personal favourites - colour-wise
A surprise wherever you look
Roses of all sizes and colours
Ancient wild olive tree
A random artificial flower survived against the fence
Bougainvillea carpet
Wild olives
Colours playing hide and seek in the lush vegetation
Gorgeous old shutter
Shutter latch
Shutter hinge
The view to the centre of the village, with a towering church tower
Moody afternoon
A much-loved art deco design
Superb inlay - purchased from a shop in the village

Light fitting - to be fitted soon
More detail of a light fitting
So in love with this gentle colour
Single rose swaying in the wind
Let the purple flowers rule . . .

Detail on door
Sunlight filtering through a lampshade
Each door has it's own individual style
Turquoise - adding more life to a beautiful haven
These swallows have found their home too
Vintage detail on door
No home is complete without a fireplace
Detail of fireplace
Succulent addiction
Low maintenance, high in visual value
Cushion detail
Magazines on the shelf
Keeping mosquitoes at bay
Gentle folds of a mosquito net
Folding chairs
Kitchen utensils
Cutting boards
A splash of happy colour
When the rooster come home to roost
Milk jug through chicken mesh
Utensils and measuring spoons
Always tea-time
In touch with nature
Time for a cuppa . . .